If You’re A Fan Of The Escapism Movement, You’ll Like John Palmer of Houston Texas

Escapism John Palmer
Escapism – John Ross Palmer

It’s safe to say that many of us nowadays are suffering from an overdose of reality. People look for a way to disconnect from real life in a hobby or activity that they find comforting. Sound like something you do, but did you know there was an actual word for it? The word you’re looking for is “escapism.” Escapism is a way for people to divert their attention from their daily lives and entrench themselves in entertainment or recreational activities. John Palmer, an artist out of Houston, Texas, has created the escapist art movement as a valuable diversion for artists

John’s goal is to crush the stereotype of the struggling artist. He teaches artists to succeed and thrive financially through his Escapist Mentorship Program. Art connoisseurs are able to enjoy and appreciate the paintings that he creates in this specific style.  

To learn more about the escapist art movement, John’s background, and what he’s doing for the growing community of artists, read on.  

The Escapist Movement

The act of escapism has been around for decades, with it going all the way back to the Great Depression. During those times of hardship, people sought out magazines, movies, and radio programs to entertain themselves. 

Escapist art is meant to take the viewer out of their current world and transport them to a place where they can appreciate it. Escapist art suspends a person’s current reality, giving them a safe place to recharge their internal batteries. Art can not only be therapy for the artist but for the viewer as well. 

John Palmer’s Background

Born in 1974 in Houston, John showed a penchant for art from an early age, but also a knack for being a businessman. One of his first businesses was selling sodas out of his bedroom closet to his four siblings for a quarter apiece. Entrepreneurship ran in the Palmer family, with John’s mother Ada running a successful lawn mowing company for many years. 

John didn’t begin focusing on his art career until his father’s death in 1998. John funneled his grief to create abstract art in ways he never had before. Using escapism in his artwork enabled him to process the feelings he had over his father’s unexpected death. 

For the most part, John is a self-taught artist. His more formal education in art took place overseas. John studied at the Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence and under several other artists in Europe. His work has been featured in various publications, galleries, and special collections.

In Houston, John’s work is displayed in the Texas Children’s Hospital, the Jung Center, and his murals are shown in Tony Vallone’s restaurants. His art has also appeared in local magazines, newspapers, and TV. During the course of his professional art career, John has self-published seven art books. He published a book about the escapism art movement called “Escapism” in 2004. 

By purchasing a piece created by John, you’re not just hanging a simple canvas in your home. In every painting John creates, he imbues it with a piece of his spirit. His art styles range from Equestrian to Carnivale, to Landscape, and of course Escapism. 

Escapism is the primary art style John paints in. His paintings are free-flowing, providing healing for not only the artist, but for the viewer as well. John’s escapist paintings have evolved as his own personal style has developed.

Escapist Mentorship Program  

In 2009, John created the Escapist Mentorship Program for local artists to gather and talk, as well as learn how to create a viable business from it. After 2010, the program became more official and artists had to apply to be included. 

Since it began, the program has gained prestige as artists from across the United States and around the world have applied to be a part of it. 

In 2013, John launched the “Refuse to Struggle Campaign,” raising money to construct the art gallery and studio for escapist artists to use. He raised more than $150,000 between private contributions and a public crowdfunding movement on Indiegogo. 

Members of the Escapist Mentorship Program can have their own solo art show night in the gallery. John provides guidance to the budding artists every step of the way on how to create their own art show. 

In 2010, catalogues started being produced that showcased the paintings of artists that have graduated from the mentorship program. It also includes documentation of John’s travel and art created overseas. 

John Palmer’s Art Gallery 

Located in the heart of Houston, John’s art gallery lives in a restored 1930’s bungalow. Expanded to fit the gallery, studio, and private living quarters, the construction crew worked to ensure that the historic bungalow was preserved. 

Construction was completed in 2014 for the ‘Chrysalis,’ the state of the art gallery and studio that was added onto the bungalow. The Chrysalis provides a welcoming space for escapist artists to come and work alongside their mentor. 

John has done the landscaping on the grounds of the property, complete with a bubbling pool, bamboo forest, and garden. Visitors can come to the art gallery by booking a private appointment.  

Come Visit Today 

John Palmer has created a welcoming environment for not only escapist artists to come to hone their craft, but for art lovers to visit as well. Buying a piece of John’s artwork will provide endless amounts of enjoyment to its owner.

If you are interested in visiting the John Palmer Art Gallery or commissioning a painting, please contact us to schedule an appointment. If you’d like to find out more information about the Escapist Mentorship Program, please send us an email or give us a call. 

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