After achieving their most successful business year in 2019, John Ross Palmer and Ryan Lindsay reflected on their work together in growing Palmer’s career and promulgating the Art Movement of Escapism to international recognition. It had been roughly 10 years since Lindsay left his successful law career to work full-time with Palmer. They decided now was the time to take proactive steps to ensure Palmer’s career was known worldwide. 2020 was going to be the year to bring Palmer’s brand to the next level and secure his legacy as one of the greatest American Artists of our generation.

The Logo

After a recommendation from Lindsay’s trusted friend, Tammi Wallace, they contracted REFUGE Marketing & Consulting to develop a new brand and website at the end of 2019. In January of this year, the journey began. REFUGE brought in Designer Marcie Jones to collaborate. REFUGE felt Jones’ eye and experience would be invaluable to the project.

After gathering a great amount of data, conducting interviews, and having lengthy discussions, the design process began. Several logos were presented but the one that really captivated John and Ryan featured a galloping mustang. It sparked a feeling but wasn’t quite the right fit. It was rough and wild but lacked the refinement and elegance of John Ross Palmer.

Building on that feeling, more refined logos were presented featuring horses and one captured everyone’s attention, the one that would become the new logo. Palmer did think that there was still something missing…aesthetically there was too much solid color. He reached over to the proof and suggested that they add the outline of a bridal. At first, it was met with fierce opposition by Ryan. Lindsay thought that the bridal was symbolic of restraint and inconsistent with Palmer’s message of artist empowerment and freedom. After further thought (and diligent research on the true role of a bridal), Lindsay wholeheartedly welcomed the addition of the bridal to the logo. He knew that it actually symbolized control, precision, and overall professionalism. The design team made the revisions and on March 3, 2020, the new John Ross Palmer brand was officially selected.

John Ross Palmer

John Ross Palmer & His Love of Horses

Palmer’s love and appreciation of the strength and beauty of horses are evident in his artwork, particularly his Equestrian and Equestrian-Escapism Styles. His passion for them began in childhood…and the majestic beasts continue to inspire him with their regal frames and powerful presence. To hear more about Palmer’s love of horses, check out this episode of Exploring Escapism.

Website Design

Now that the brand was secured, the journey began to build upon it and create a new website that captures the essence of John Ross Palmer. The goal was to showcase Palmer’s talent and diverse art styles like never before. The plan was in place…but then the Coronavirus had other ideas.

With the upheaval brought on by COVID-19, the website development was put on pause. A few months later, things settled down a bit and when it became clear that our “new normal” would be around a while, work on the project resumed.

In May, Bogdan and John form Buburuza Productions shot the ambient video that brings the new homepage to life, giving visitors a sneak-peek into John Ross Palmer’s process. Last but definitely not least, the time came to capture the history of Palmer, his collectors, and cataloging and photographing the pieces of artwork for the site. Lindsay worked tirelessly to complete these items with REFUGE’s assistance.

In June, private (safe and distanced) previews of the new logo and site were given to select VIP collectors. Over the course of two weeks, eight separate PowerPoint presentations were delivered by Ryan Lindsay to audiences ranging from one to a maximum of eight persons.  Ryan spoke emotionally about his and Palmer’s journey as business partners since 2009. He told unbelievable stories about how they had survived economic trauma in the past, and, learned from it to keep the business strong during this current turbulent time. We’ll go into that in more detail during next week’s blog entry.

Today’s unveiling of the new brand, logo, and website didn’t just take this past year. It truly is the culmination of twenty-two years of life, love, and hard work. Please enjoy.

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